Blueberries and Weekly Meal Planning Idea

Hey ladies!

While Mom, Dad, Abby, and Jack were here in PA we went and picked fresh blueberries! So far, I’ve made Streusel-topped blueberry muffins and healthy blueberry jam. The muffins were AMAZING, so you can click on the link to get the recipe. The blueberry jam needs to sit overnight, so I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

Also, I was on Pinterest and found a great idea for meal planning! I always struggle with starting from somewhere and getting inspiration, so I liked how this blogger wrote about how each day is a themed day (shown below) and she added recipes for each day… but the recipes looked horrendous, so I’m going to just share the themes.

  • Meatless Monday
  • Tortilla Tuesday
  • Web Wednesday (trying a new recipe from the web)
  • Throwback Thursday (favorite childhood recipes or kid food)
  • Fancy Friday
  • Sandwich Saturday
  • Slow Cooker Sunday

Sounds fun, huh? So below are some of my dinner ideas for each day…. I’ll make an official meal plan some other day, but for now I just wanted to share the idea.

  1. Meatless Monday– Pesto pasta, spaghetti, breakfast for dinner, soup and panini’s, etc.
  2. Tortilla Tuesday — Enchiladas, tortilla rollups, tacos, burritos, etc.
  3. Web Wednesday — Here are some of my favorite bloggers (that I trust):,,, etc.
  4. Throwback Thursday– Mac n’ Cheese, Hawaiian Haystacks, Hamburgers and Hotdogs, Sloppy Joes, etc.
  5. Fancy Friday– Tilapia (or salmon) and grilled veggies, lasagna, homemade Margherita pizza, etc.
  6. Sandwich Saturday– Panini’s, grilled cheese and soup, Pret sandwiches (copy your favorite) etc.
  7. Slow Cooker Sunday– Pork roast, stews, soups, Salsa chicken, etc.

So it is a work in progress, but I thought I’d share some ideas since that was one of the reasons we made this blog (and now I can refer back to this post with my ideas! lol)!

Love you all!